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Inspirational Quotes

In this section we gather quotes we come across that inspire us or make us think. Most of them are used during an In4Art Features: “Eén discipline heeft wel de mogelijkheid, al is het maar heel intuitief, een stukje toekomst te pakken te krijgen…en dat is gewoon de kunst.” Thomas Rau in Tegenlicht 2015 “Novel […]

Faranu studio visit
Studio Visit

Faranu is Choosing Charcoal

Artists can be recognized by a signature style, because of unique characteristics, themes or methods. This is why one easily recognizes a Picasso or Dali. Finding ones style is an intense and personal process. Have a look at Mondriaan, where you wouldn’t link the early landscape works with the Victory Boogie Woogie. Others find their […]

Platform Jakob de Jonge
Studio Visit

The Magical Reality of Jakob de Jonge

It is so intense, bright and beautiful. It is hopeful. It gives joy. But does it really? When looking closer, darkness is lurking around the corner. Not all seems to be in such a perfect state of mind. Artist Jakob de Jonge, who we visited in his studio, explained that he always works visually and […]

Konrad Wyrebek, LLvAt, Oil acrylic, spray paint, uv ink, varnish on canvas, 76 x 61 cm, 2014-2015 (2)
Art fair

Art Rotterdam

At Art Rotterdam an insight is given in what drives (young) contemporary artists, how they create a mirror of our society with their art works and make us engage with images. What really stroked us was the presence of digitalization in art and its impact on art, a love hate struggle to make sense and […]

Design Column

Art & Technology – Recreating Nature

Art encounters no physical, nor political, technological or material constraints. It creates a playing field in which the observer is provided the possibility to go beyond imagination; a spark of the future or a chance to reflect. Through bringing concepts alive the artist conveys a message, a story – whether aesthetic or shocking – but […]

Keith Haring Barcelona


Een stad leeft. En dat wat leeft, dat is in beweging. Elk weekend zijn er weer talloze nieuwe openbare kunstwerken te bewonderen. Soms van gevestigde namen, soms van ontpoppend talent en soms simpelweg van humorvolle vandalen. Vorige week is er voor het eerst meer dan een half miljoen dollar betaald voor een ‘street art’ kunstwerk […]

Impossible photography - Erik Johansson

Impossible photography: the new Escher

Illusie wordt werkelijkheid. Droombeelden en surrealisme in het realistische medium gevat van een foto. Uiteraard bestaan er bekende technieken als fotoshoppen of computer animated pictures. Helaas verliezen deze beelden vaak de realiteitszin, het ziet er niet uit als een foto van een ware mogelijkheid. Het is direct zichtbaar dat het nep is. Erik Johansson vertelt […]


Art & Innovation at the MACBA

This post is not about the well-known book of Tom Kelley on the design innovation focus of IDEO and his lessons on creativity: Art of Innovation. It is about art and innovation.  Or even better, how they go hand-in-hand in our very own city of Barcelona. You just have to go to the MACBA, visit the […]

Boijmans Kring van Eyck


In4Art is founded in 2015 by Lija & Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet to build an art collection and create inspirational projects. We want to discover, collect and shine a spotlight on contemporary art to: +INspire; we organize In4Art features – our one hour talkshow format; +INnovate; we create new concepts; +INvest; we are growing a collection; […]