In4Art is a social European innovation enterprise. We guide curiosity through radical observations & artistic prototypes. We believe that art brings inspiration and innovation. Art mirrors our society and influences the world of business by shining a spotlight on overlooked perspectives or inventing new applications for technologies and materials.

Artists are free to experiment with unconventional technologies, materials and thoughts. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved. Some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures. Resulting in surprising and unexpected outcomes, which are essential for innovation processes.

To support this vision, In4Art pursues cross-discipline collaboration, conducts research and initiates inspirational encounters. We are a partner in valorisation challenges and can realize strategic foresights and input for your innovation funnel, focussing on the following categories:

  • bio design applications & biotechnologies
  • materials (new/ smart)
  • next generation internet

Download here our subdivisions.

This results in the perspective of ‘innovatism’ and the basis of which we select art that is an important asset in early stage innovation processes.

 ‘Innovatism’ is linked to radical observations and artistic prototypes by artists and designers, showing their relevance and research endeavours to business and society.

In4Art is based on four pillars, which strengthen each other and create an innovative platform to leapfrog impact of art into innovation processes, while guiding tomorrow’s leading artists and collectors.

Our innovation projects initiate or participate in trajectories aiming to solve challenges by delivering radical observations & artistic prototypes.

Our incubation track develops modules and methods for some of the most talented European artists with the goal to provide them a training ground for experimentation, interaction and career development.

Our investment club is a growing network, who’s curiosity is guided through the open collection and special events we curate to make art accessible, while investing in personal development.

Our inspirational collection serves as a conversations starter, enables storytelling and highlights relevant 21st century art.

In4Art is Europe’s first incubation platform for young artists and collectors bringing artists and new buyers together by collecting, sharing and discovering relevant 21st century art. With our unique concept we ensure that artworks from the Open Collection are continuously on exhibit. This makes it one of the fastest growing exhibition formats, ensuring that art in the collection is cherished. Every month new locations are added and with this a new network of patrons for contemporary art is built.


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