In4Art is Europe’s first incubation platform for young artists and collectors bringing artists and new buyers together by collecting, sharing and discovering relevant 21st century art. An innovative platform to leapfrog impact of art while guiding tomorrow’s leading artists and collectors.

We believe that art brings inspiration and innovation. Experimentation is a core freedom of artists. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved. Some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures. However, the young artists creating these works are hardly noticed and their stories are barely shared.

In4Art believes that everybody should get acquainted and have access to this art. Therefore, bridges should be built between artists, business and society. In4Art created a platform that through a membership construction is enabling the realization, enjoyment and enrichment of relevant 21st century art.


In4Art was founded in 2015 by Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet. They have a background in business development, innovation management and startup scouting. Gradually they found out that a lot of innovation and interesting questions come from the art world. In4Art brings together their vision on innovation, technology and art. They actively support, coach, co-create and empower talented artists and enlarge art admiration.

Lija dedicates her time to scout talent, guide curiosity with new exhibition formats and enable growth. She believes in the value of experimentation that drives innovation. Artists are ahead in this perspective. Therefore, she supports them through investment, storytelling and career development incubation.

Previously, she advised knowledge institutes and companies with their strategic challenges to stay innovative and trained startups and organisations how to validate an idea in (rapidly) changing environments. She developed a program for incubator YES!Delft and is active as startup trainer. She has written >50 articles on innovation, startups and technology trends and speaks at various stages.

 Rodolfo is in the lead to establish client relations, partnerships and oversees the investment decisions on how to incubate young artists that show innovation driving capabilities through their research and experimentation.

Rodolfo has as background as a business developer and project manager on the intersections between technology and innovation at various companies in the Netherlands and Spain. He initiated, developed and executed projects translating technological advancements into new market propositions within the building environment, water management and the (clean tech) energy sector. This resulted in experience with strategic insights applicable to disruptive new developments and insights in the applications for EU subsidies.

In4Art works with various partners, interns and volunteers to realize the diverse set of activities.