Upcoming events:

  • September 21- 24th: In4Art Spotlights  Vermibus
    part of Unseen City Programme
    Weekend:  Artist Talk and  Guided Tours
    Open daily from 13hr – 20hr (Saturday until 22hr)
  • October 1st, 2017: Salon IV – visiting artist Sijbrand
  • November 4th – November 25th, 2017:  State of Eunoia  – a stARTup Exhibition – Residency artist Iwan Smit 
  • November 26th, 2017 – KickstART II (participating artists tbc)
  • December 17th, 2017: Salon V – visiting artist tbc – (invite only)
  • February 11th, 2018: Guided Tour @ Art Rotterdam 
    & Salon VI – visiting artist tbc – (invite only)

Past events:

  • June 30th, 2017: In4Art Features @ Border Sessions (The Hague). Renewed Relevance with special guests David Rickard and Willem Besselink
  • June 28th, 2017: In4Art talk @ Museum Next Europe
  • June 10th, 2017: kickstART – 8 artists pitching and auctioning their work
  • 20 May –  10 June 2017: stARTup Exhibition
    Co-Existence with artists Beatriz Chamussy  and Tiwanee van der Horst @ In4Art Project Space in Amsterdam
  • 7 May, 2017: Salon III – visiting artist Mikel Folgerts
  • 21-22 April, 2017: In4Art Spotlights Yelena Popova
    in collaboration with Division of Labour during Art Brussels
  • March 19, 2017: Open Salon Post Digital Art  on the occassion of the exhibition “Human/ Digital” in the Kunsthal and “Sleepmode- the art of screensaver” in Het Nieuwe Instituut. Featuring  In4Art Open collection with works from Constant Dullaart and Rafaël Rozendaal.
  • March 5, 2017: Brochure Salon II – visiting artist Joseph Huot
  • February 11, 2017: Fall in love with art and learn how to collect. A collaboration with @Boijmans during Art Rotterdam. Starting at 11hr in the Reflections Room.
  • January 31st, Februari 1st, 2017: Kickstart program for Propellor: propelling the film industry into the future. In4Art supports the kickstart and will conduct the training session for the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
  • 18-12-2016:  Salon I :  gathering around the new additions to the In4Art Open Collection with visiting artist Faranu
  • 24-11- 2016: In4Art Talks: Artist’s Angels @Boijmans Fra Bartolommeo – an artist from the divine Renaissance- is currently on show @Boijmans. For this occasion, we created a talk “Artist’s Angels” on funding models for art with inspiration from the startup world. Every career needs it sponsor, and every creator its funder. Startups have great benefit from Angel Investors, what benefits did Fra Bartolommeo with his touching Angels have? A story about believers, patrons and merchants.
  • 10-11-2016: In4Art Features Revolution of Being with Studio Drift & Jakob de Jonge @Festival van de Toekomst – MINT-  Provincie Zuid Holland
    In ‘Revolution of Being‘ we looked at the changing role and relationship between society and technology. Our guests were visual artist and human rights professional Jakob de Jonge & artist designer Lonneke Gordijn co-founder of Studio Drift. They inspired the public with the possibilities and limitations of new technological developments by building a bridge between nature, technology and society. During the talk show a new work of Jacob de Jonge, Habitat, especially made for this day, was reveiled.
    Watch the trailer.
  • 06-07-2016: In4Art Features Recreating Nature with Kramer & Libertiny @ Border Sessions – Den Haag
    “Art & Technology – Recreating Nature/ Beyond state of the Art”, based on the works of Cathrine Kramer and Tomáš Libertíny .
    We talked with our guests on how they manipulate nature, redefine the boundaries of living on earth and broadcast how technology intervenes with future creations. Art mirrors our society and influences the world of business. Artists are free to experiment with unconventional technologies. Failure is experimenting and results in surprising and unexpected outcomes.
  • 28-04-2016:  In4Art Features Kunsthal @ Venture Café – Rotterdam
    Art of Storytelling – ” based on the exhibition ‘Museum of Everything’ @ Kunsthal
  • 04-02-2016: In4Art Features Boijmans@ Venture Café – Rotterdam
    “Art & Technology – Recreating Nature” based on the exhibition ‘Design Column #12’ @ Museum Boijmans van Beuningen