Development Model – The Five Building Blocks

At In4Art we developed five building blocks that influence the valuation and future potential of artists. The building blocks provide the outline of our reasoning and are inspired on business valuation analytics and start-up growth theories. It provides insight in career development opportunities. Building Block 1: Solid Base Artists leaving art … Continue reading “Development Model – The Five Building Blocks”

Features: Revolution of Being

The world around is us changing: Brexit, the election of Trump and the ever increasing promises of technological development. Forces that result in new roles and relationships between individuals and society, technology and nature. We are entering a new paradigm shift in which we will undergo a “Revolution of Being”. … Continue reading “Features: Revolution of Being”

Art & Technology – Recreating Nature

Art encounters no physical, nor political, technological or material constraints. It creates a playing field in which the observer is provided the possibility to go beyond imagination; a spark of the future or a chance to reflect. Through bringing concepts alive the artist conveys a message, a story – whether … Continue reading “Art & Technology – Recreating Nature”