Salon III

17 works – 10 artists – 3 stories Visiting artist : Mikel Folgerts Framed squares and squared frames. What’s within and when does something ‘jump out of the box’? This Salon shows the endavours of many to capture our time in well researched works. Research on materials, on compositions and on scenarios.  … Continue reading “Salon III”

Salon II

20 works – 10 artists – 3 stories Visiting artist : Joseph Huot In this Salon we take you on a journey. We won’t travel with the speed of light, nor enter the digital galaxy, but we will stretch your view. In two rooms, works  make you travel mentally back and … Continue reading “Salon II”

Salon I

20 works – 8 artists – 3 stories Visiting artist : Faranu This Salon was featured in the NRC article “Een kunstsalon anno 2017” We live in a fast-changing society, but nonetheless, some things are universal and have eternity. In this Salon, we will guide you through three stories …. … Continue reading “Salon I”