Andy Warhols’ future’ is now. “Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.”  But what do you want to experience and share? What do you add and what do you hide from the flow of images and information? Daily we read about increasing depression, burnouts and stress. We live in a fast changing society, ever more digitized with growing narcissism, hyper sensitivity and increasing fear for the unknown. The bar is raised and this pressure leads to philosophical questions.

In ‘Eunoia’ we undergo the search towards of a good, happy mind. A guideline unfolds through paintings, sculptures and light boxes, where we will encounter ancient symbols and classical acts. What is 15 minutes? Let us trigger your curiosity and discern EUNOIA.

Eunoia means “well mind” or “beautiful thinking” – a basis of the ethical foundation of humans. At the same time it refers to a medical state of normal mental health.

Iwan Smit (1989) creates colourful worlds in which beauty and balance are complemented by a constant presence of fear and woe. This young artist is continuing to stay ahead of the curve and works in various disciplines, while smoothly navigating between commercial and autonomous projects. Ingredients from highbrow, lowbrow, cartoons, fashion, and mythology blend seamlessly through his work, resulting in contemporary art bursting with energy. Pairing his bold and colorful style with paintings, sculptures, light works, illustration, clothing, murals and prints. Any surface is suitable to transform his message. The diversity of attributes all lead towards the road of achieving happiness in this world. The work ‘De mystieke geboorte van Rotterdam‘ got acquired by the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in 2017. Iwan Smit lives and works in Rotterdam (NL).


This exhibition took place as part of the In4Art stARTup philosophy and part of  the career development support for Iwan Smit. In4Art actively co-produces and curates the exhibition. The exhibition is made possible with the kind support of all In4Art members and our exhibition sponsors; 

Where? In4Art Project Space, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 54, Amsterdam
When? November 4th – November 26th,  2017
Extra: Every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm:  Meet & Great with Iwan Smit (including guided tour).

This is how the exhibition looks like and click here for an overview:

Read all about the Making of : the trajectory Iwan Smit and In4Art undertook to realize this exhibition and elaborate on the theme – what it means to achieve EUNOIA.