We believe that art brings inspiration and innovation into the corporate world. By creating new business models, think along in business development and linking art to other industries we cross boundaries. Art mirrors our society and influences the world of business. Artists are free to experiment with unconventional technologies. Success builds upon the lessons of failure. Failure is experimenting and results in surprising and unexpected outcomes.

Experimentation is a core freedom of artists. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved. Some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures.


Inspiration by giving talks that sneak peek into the future, new concepts an material research. The package can be upgraded with innovation projects:

  • In4Art Features is a new talk show format, created to include in the programme of business conferences, symposia or festivals. It triggers the intersection of art & technology & business and gives inspiration to the audience. To get an idea, watch the trailer.
  • Articles like “Investing with a Radar
  • In4Art Talks are  presentations and workshops to inspire and can be included in an event to support entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • Sessions to give input for scenario planning and innovation directions.
  • Exclusive evening during one of our exhibitions in our residential project-space in the city centre of Amsterdam. We combine a drink or dinner with inspirational stories, meet the artist and in depth discussions.

Want to bring some inspiration in your office? You can become a corporate member of the  In4Art Collection. We will curate a mini-collection fitting with your company vision. All artists in our collection base their work on elaborative research and experimentation.  By becoming a member, you get access to the stories. Having this work in your office is a great way to support your vision, enrich your employees creativity and works as a converstation starter.  This results in questions and unimagined outcomes valuable for the business practice.




Let’s meet and continue the conversation over a cup of coffee.
Contact Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, Business Director In4Art.





Did you know that by working with In4Art, your organization actively supports the careers of young, talented artists and invests in corporate social responsibility.