In4Art is a European innovation company. We guide curiosity through radical observations & artistic prototypes. We believe that art brings inspiration and innovation. Art mirrors our society and influences the world of business by shining a spotlight on overlooked perspectives or inventing new applications for technologies and materials.

Artists are free to experiment with unconventional technologies, materials and thoughts. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved. Some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures. Resulting in surprising and unexpected outcomes, which are essential for innovation processes.

We work with ‘radical observations’ and ‘artistic protoypes’ for which we developed an innovation method and serve as a converstation starter.  This results in questions and unimagined outcomes valuable for the business practice.


In4Art is a partner for strategic sessions and innovation processes. We stimulate radical observations and invest in the creation of artistic prototypes. This results in visualization and application scenarios relevant for various industries. Inspiration by giving talks that sneak peek into the future, investigating new concepts and supporting research endeavour. Various packages can be compiled:

  • In4Art Features is a talk show format, created to include in the programme of business conferences, symposia or festivals. It triggers the intersection of art & technology & business and gives inspiration to the audience. To get an idea, watch the trailer.
  • In4Art Talks are  presentations and workshops to inspire and can be included in an event to support entrepreneurial endeavours or to showcase radical observations and artistic prototypes.
  • Sessions to give input for scenario planning, strategic roadmaps  and innovation directions.
  • Exclusive evening during a sa curated exhibition on Innovatism in our residential project-space in the city centre of Amsterdam. We combine a drink or dinner with inspirational stories, meet the artist and in depth discussions.
  • Collaborative research and writing.


To support this vision, In4Art pursues cross-discipline collaboration, conducts research and initiates inspirational encounters. We are a partner in valorisation challenges and can realize strategic foresights and input for your innovation funnel, focussing on the following categories:

  • biotechnologies
  • materials (new to the world/ new applications/ smart)
  • next generation internet

This results in 12 focus area’s:

This leads to insights that support theme’s as circular economy, mobility, energy transition, future of labour, next economy and health.



Let’s meet and continue the conversation over a cup of coffee.
Contact Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, Business Director In4Art.