Inspirational Collection

We are building an Open Collection of Innovative Art

works: 150+     artists: 40+     locations: 15+

 The collection is a source of inspiration and shared within our network club and, therefore, always visible.

Collection philosophy

The main focus are the visions and perspectives from artists on our fast changing society marked by the exponential growth of technological possibilities. We are interested in how the artists translate this into the work they make. In4Art gathers insight from artists on innovation and trend developments.

The In4Art Collection is divided in three pillars, showing the interpretation of future development and leading towards agents of change:

  • concepts & technology: cutting edge techniques, concepts and expressions;
  • material research: stretching the edges of a medium, taking the courage to experiment;
  • renewed relevance: art of tomorrow, through the eyes of history uniting art with its understanding and translations of the challenges for the 21st century.

This results in the concept of innovatism; where art meets innovation.

The In4Art Collection is an Open Collection that is spread over the locations of In4Art members and that is actively put on display during exhibitions throughout Europe. The result is that all works in the collection are always on display: in a home, in an office, during a Salon, in our Amsterdam Project Space or at exhibitions. Next to that, the story behind the works are told.

We make a distinction in the career phase of the artist, based on our building blocks model.


As part of the Open Collection, we want the artworks from the collection to been seen as much as possible. Therefore, we have an active policy to create visibility and show the works. That might be at our members, during our exhibitions (salons or spotlights) in our project space or at art institutions and museums. Works from the In4Art Collection have been shown at the following institutions: