We believe that art brings inspiration and innovation. Experimentation is a core freedom of artists. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved. Some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures. However, the young artists creating these works are hardly noticed and their stories are barely shared.

In4Art believes that everybody should get acquainted and have access to this art. Therefore, bridges should be built between artists, business and society. In4Art works towards an international platform that enables the realization, enjoyment and enrichment of relevant 21st century art.

How do we do this?

With In4Art we discover, collect, share and shine a spotlight on contemporary art to guide curiosity. We do this by investing, innovating, incubating and inspiring through art, while realizing the following programs:

  1. In4Art has an active collection philosophy and invests in the career development of artists. We developed an artists incubation track, which includes activities such as; commissions and acquiring works for the In4Art Open Collection, providing exhibition space in our venue, access to masterclasses and kickstART, career development coaching. All artists in the collection have access to the incubation program, which is tailor made and free of charge for the artists.
  2. In4Art has a mission to spread and actively stimulate engagement with art. We provide a platform to get acquainted with art and help to build up an own network and collection. For this, we organize intimate events where members and artists share experiences and stories. In the meantime, our members can enjoy a part of the In4Art Collection at home or in the office. They became patrons and angels for the art. Read all about on our membership page.
  3. In4Art conducts research and innovation projects in which we connect the worlds of art, technology and business development. This results in articles, talks and out talkshow serie: In4Art Features created for business congresses or symposia to inspire and provoke a discussion on the impact of our fast changing society. This often leads to very interesting outcomes.


In4Art was founded in 2015 by Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet. They have a background in business development, innovation management and startup scouting. Gradually they found out that a lot of innovation and interesting questions come from the art world. In4Art brings together their vision on innovation, technology and art. They actively support, coach, co-create and empower talented artists and enlarge art admiration.