“In4Art’s Salon exhibitions take us back to the Paris of Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, anno 2017”
– NRC Handelsblad

We couldn’t think of a better title than how our Salon Exhibition format was named in the newspaper last year. Our Salons are places to meet, to find inspiration, to wander, to discuss and to enjoy art above the couch. Organised irregularly but multiple times per year in our Project Space or a home, our salons are always build up along a handful of stories on topics where Art and Innovation meet.

Your can read all about our latest Salon on Innovatism

Earlier Salons centered around one visiting artist whose work and story was supported by works from the Open Collection:

Salon V – Annemarie Hooghuis

Salon IV – Sijbrand

Salon III – Mikel J Folgerts

Salon II – Joseph Huot

Salon I – Faranu