In4Art creates space for experiments on the intersection of art, science and technology and translates the outcomes to strategic implications and innovations.

Our focus is to increase the impact of art in society and economy by bringing systematic change to the domains of circular economy, material research and next generation internet.

We work with clients and partners to push boundaries with Art-Driven Innovations

What we do

We search for overlooked perspectives and unexpected solutions that can change the world. We collect them, are a partner for further development and share their transformative potential. Have a look at some of our projects:


  • Bassetti Foundation interview and podcast on In4Art

    “In4Art is a really fascinating project. It is full of interesting ideas.”

    Bassetti Foundation interview and podcast on In4Art
  • TEDx Talk by In4Art

    “ To make the constructive changes we so desperately want and need in the 21st century, we need innovation researchers to start including ART into their analysis.  We need policy makers to include art in their innovation agenda’s and we need innovation managers to include art in their open innovation funnels.”

    TEDx Talk by In4Art
  • BNR Nieuwsradio interviewed In4Art

    “Artists are by definition people who look to the future in a special, free way and who can take us with them”

    “Kunstenaars zijn bij uitstek de mensen die op een bijzondere, vrije manier naar de toekomst kijken en ons daarin mee kunnen nemen”

    BNR Nieuwsradio interviewed In4Art
  • NOSop3 interview

    “Artists are often very good at what they do and have more than enough ideas about what they want to make. But then it really starts.”
    “Kunstenaars zijn vaak heel erg goed in wat ze doen en hebben meer dan genoeg ideeën over wat ze willen maken. Maar dan begint het eigenlijk pas.”

    NOSop3 interview
  • De Volkskrant on In4Art

    “Sustainable support of artists and enthusiasm of collectors – the activities of In4Art are admirable”

    “Duurzame ondersteuning van kunstenaars en het enthousiasmeren van verzamelaars – de activiteiten van In4Art zijn bewonderenswaardig”

    De Volkskrant on In4Art
  • South China Morning Post on In4Art

    “From artists-in-residence to angel investing, art patrons are increasingly invested in the early stages of an artist’s career”

    South China Morning Post on In4Art
  • New York Times on In4Art

    “Patrons of the 21st century are far less politically motivated than the Medici family and their ilk, and they generally don’t house artists in their lavish estates or command them to paint frescoes. But just like the patrons of old, they are giving creators a pathway to success and economic stability, providing living expenses, supplies, pep talks and more.”

    New York Times on In4Art