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OurkilO winns the DigiCirc Accelerator investment of 100k.

The last months, In4Art and Phygital Studio teamed up as OurkilO and participated in the DigiCirc* accelerator program on circular cities. On September 8th, 2021 we were awarded with an 100k investment to realise our plans and ambitions. What began as an artistic exploration late 2019 with Bastiaan de Nennie, where we explored at V2_, Lab for the Unstable


OurkilO’s mission is to close the material loop of recycled bioplastic and reduce carbon emissions in a city- one kilo at a time. It orginated from the  Reboot & Reuse project, an art-driven innovation research project by Bastiaan de Nennie and In4Art on rebooting function and form, while closing a material loop. In 2021, the


At In4Art, we work along two program lines: Data Interfaces Closing material loops In these two programs, we conduct research projects, Art-Driven Innovation Experiments and provide guidance. Data Interfaces The Data Interfaces program is focused on the technological developments in the field of AI, IoT, human- machine interaction and also deals with privacy and agency.