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Extrapolate Experiments – Salon VII

This will be the 7th salon exhibition in which works from the In4Art Open Collection are shown and new makers are giving a platform. Just as the Gertrude Stein Salons at the 27 Rue de Fleuris in the Paris of the early 20th century, we bring together confluences of experiment and reflection that can help


“In4Art’s Salon exhibitions take us back to the Paris of Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway, anno 2017” – NRC Handelsblad We couldn’t think of a better title than how our Salons Exhibition format was named in this Dutch newspaper. Our Salons are places to meet, to find inspiration, to wander, to discuss and to enjoy

Salon VI – Innovatism

How do artists reflect on our fast changing, technology driven society? During the group exhibition Salon VI we will investigate ‘Innovatism’. In4Art coined this term to highlight works of art that are based on technological experiments or material research. We will deep dive into the quantified self-movement and data visualization in art works. Which data

Salon V

For Salon V, Rotterdam based artist Annemarie Hooghuis made a couple of works that focus on the uprise of technology in today’s society. A new information age where machines are automating jobs more than ever. Not only are today’s machines able to do specialized tasks but they’re also better at it. In what way will

Salon IV

27 works, 8 artists, 3 stories visiting artist Sijbrand. Each Salon we invite a visiting artist to show new work. We give them a commission to push the limits of the possible. To challenge oneself to take an extra step. During the fourth Salon, Sijbrand was our visiting artist. Working on his notion of evolution

Salon III

17 works – 10 artists – 3 stories Visiting artist : Mikel Folgerts Framed squares and squared frames. What’s within and when does something ‘jump out of the box’? This Salon shows the endavours of many to capture our time in well researched works. Research on materials, on compositions and on scenarios.  Within those squared frames we

Salon II

20 works – 10 artists – 3 stories Visiting artist : Joseph Huot In this Salon we take you on a journey. We won’t travel with the speed of light, nor enter the digital galaxy, but we will stretch your view. In two rooms, works  make you travel mentally back and forth through time. Roman virtues

Open In4Art Salon – Post Digital Art

March 19th: a special event on occasion of the exhibitions in Rotterdam at the Kunsthal and Het Nieuwe Instituut, where we will exhibit work from the In4Art Open Collection by Constant Dullaart and Rafaël Rozendaal before they will go to the members home. A Salon in Rotterdam for Rotterdam. Due to local character, texts are published