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In4Art Spotlights Roman Moriceau from 21 – 30 September 2018

Roman Moriceau (1976, France) creates aesthetic beauty, harmony and tranquility in his hybrid works that literally live or change over time. Fueled by research and based upon extensive experimentation, he presents multi-layered visualizations of the beauty of our nature, while reflecting upon the constant battle for survival of flora and fauna unfolding our complex relationship

Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten (AFK) supports Spotlights III

Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten (AFK) granted a subsidy to support the production of the Spotlight <Studies> by Roman Moriceau in the In4Art Project Space. The exhibition will take place from September 21st – 30th, 2018. It is a unique combination of a solo-show highlighting the experimentation process, presenting new work and have the possibility


In4Art Spotlights is a series of solo exhibitions For artists to develop their ideas, conduct experiments and share the results they need space. Physical space to present but also funds to develop and time to experiment. Providing this space to (inter)nationally proven artists who have never had a solo exhibition in the Netherlands is the

In4Art Spotlights Vermibus

On the occasion of the Unseen City Programme, talented artist Vermibus will have his first spotlight show at the In4Art Project Space in Amsterdam. He will share his notion of advertising mental pollution while re-engineering photography. For the past five years, Vermibus has been developing his practice of appropriation and revelation intensively. He is opposing

In4Art Spotlights: Yelena Popova

In4Art Spotlights are created to support and promote artists from the In4Art Open Collection and is part of the artist incubation track. The artist (and representing gallery) are offered our venue to shine a spotlight on the artist’s work during special private gatherings. On the  occasion of Brussels Art Week, we are pleased to present

Open Collection

works: 150+     artists: 40+     locations: 15+ In4Art has a unique concept in which we help you invest in your personal development, while getting art at home and access to our inspirational Network Club. To make it accessible, we work with artworks from the Open Collection and curate special events to guide curiosity. Why do we

Salon VI – Innovatism

How do artists reflect on our fast changing, technology driven society? During the group exhibition Salon VI we will investigate ‘Innovatism’. In4Art coined this term to highlight works of art that are based on technological experiments or material research. We will deep dive into the quantified self-movement and data visualization in art works. Which data

Five basic ingredients of the Artists House of Professional Growth

Art is intended to serve the public. The further an artist progresses in his career, the bigger and more diverse the audience he serves. It is important that artists place themselves in the shoes of the public. To be able to serve all different expectations a strong foundation within a robust house of professional growth