Albert Einstein once said: “problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”

Artists have a different mindset and artists who are involved in artistic prototyping are proposing solutions to the biggest problems of our time. They are acting as accelerators for innovation and offer reflections on our fast-changing high-tech society showing us possible impacts of technology from economical, ethical, social and legal perspectives.

The moment has come to harvest the potential of the arts in our society and economy to realize radical breakthrough innovations by sharing stories on radical observations and artistically prototyping technology which will impact and transform outdated economic systems.

In4Art was founded in 2015 by Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet with the mission to increase the impact of innovative art in society and economy. We actively create space for new ideas and experiments, act as partners for further development into artistic prototypes and share their transformative potential, building networks of forward looking, 21st century thinkers and doers. To do so, we created our own method – Art Driven Innovation, which guides us in our innovation projects, collection, experiments and research.

In4Art is based in Rotterdam and runs a project space in Amsterdam.
We have a European focus.