Public institution Witte de With and In4Art have agreed to collaborate on the upcoming solo exhibition The Ten Murders of Josephine by 2017 Prix de Rome nominee Rana Hamadeh. The exhibition will be running from September 8th until December 31st 2017 at Witte de With in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The collaboration involves a direct investment from In4Art into the production budget for the exhibition and is dedicated to cover the development and production costs for the piece Punch Card Organ followed by extended collaboration to develop and produce a derivative wall-based limited edition based on the piece Punch Card Organ.

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is one of the leading and pioneering platforms for emerging and established artists, curators and writers from across the globe.

In4Art is proud to be able to collaborate with such an esteemed institution from its home city Rotterdam. Rodolfo Groenewoud, business director In4Art: “We have been in contact with Witte de With for some time now and have gotten to know them as a highly professional platform with great dedication and commitment towards the artists they work with. Collaborating with them directly supports In4Art’s mission to incubate tomorrows leading artists. We look forward to the exhibition and feel proud to welcome Rana Hamadeh into the In4Art family.”

In December 2017, Rana Hamadeh won de Prix de Rome for her work on “The Ten Murders of Josephine”, which resulted in studies, exhibitions and a theatre performance.
The Punch Card Organ was an important object in this manifestation. In 2018 In4Art and Rana Hamadeh will start collaborating on a series of derivates work to accompany the Punch Card Organ, enabling physical collectable work to enlarge the reach of Rana Hamadeh’s work.