Sybren Renema received a production support to realize new works.
This resulted in a residency at the EKWC.

He wanted to combine traditional methods and modern techniques to develop new methods related to his practice. In particular the tension between digital manipulation and craftsmanship. Sybren has an inquiry mindset, which guides curiosity.

The production support enabled him to gain new skills and to work with materials and machines that are not yet present in his artistic practice, such as 3D printers that print liquid clay. It enabled him to experiment freely with ceramics. This resulted, a.o. in the work ‘NefertitiTwister’; an experiment with a corkscrew-shape in it, so that the whole has been twisted and the overhang is accentuated. This considerable overhang at various points resulted in a challenge, since it means that the printer would print in vacuo. He found a solution and created a possibility that might lead to derivatives through casting in the future.

Alongside, the project ‘Discovery‘ was supported.
Inspiration can come from many sources. From historical facts, physical characteristics of materials, persons you admire. In order to create relevance and put something in a context, create perspective, we build upon the legacy of others. It is the takeaway for new experimentation. Sybren Renema wanted to challenge old and new discoveries. The work ‘Discovery’ talks about exploring new territories in the 21st century.  Space shuttles are launched to explore new land, while in history we sailed out to new grounds. He built a shuttle with a camera and a piece of wood, originating from the  ship that Captain Scott used in 1902 to explore the cold Nova Terra. The camera on top documented the journey and from that video, nine stills were distilled. Showing a parabolic cycle and journey. Making us wonder: how can you discover something new from something old?

The works NefertitiTwister and Discovery are included in the In4Art Open Collection.