This will be the 7th salon exhibition in which works from the In4Art Open Collection are shown and new makers are giving a platform. Just as the Gertrude Stein Salons at the 27 Rue de Fleuris in the Paris of the early 20th century, we bring together confluences of experiment and reflection that can help define our 21st century economic transition.

In order to transform, experimentation and insights from art are much needed to enhance the innovative capacity of business and society in a responsible and ethical manner.

Salon 7 is focused on extrapolating experimentation. A culture of  experimentation is vital for realizing change, because through the experiment one is exploring truly new manners of thinking and working. Experiments are the laboratories of our future society and pillars for forthcoming economic models. Experimentation is a core freedom of artists. By doing so, intended or unintended results are achieved of which some might have transformative potential, show a glimpse of progressive futures.

The salon will be a mix of experimental works from the In4Art collection and presentations from the 5 projects participating in the kickstART III incubation trajectory.

One of them, Yvon Ariese, will also present her recent work ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’

Detail ashes to ashes – Yvon Ariese

This is an exploration of the smallest digital element. She transfers dust to pixels, extrapolating the material characteristics. Two research themes come together in her photographs. Research into materials and change processes on the one hand and research into new images that arise from these processes on the other hand.

Her work connects to the notion that chaos is omnipresence within dynamic processes. They mark a temporary situation, a part of a transformation process and, in essence, have the potential to realize big impact.

Within the salon, visitors are triggered to think about the next step. What is needed to make the research result into responsible and ethical founded objects? How can we carefully extrapolate these (technological) experiments and how will they actively intervene and form our culture (and thus our behaviour).

The salon will be held on Sunday, November 25th between 13-17hr.
At 15hr there will be a talk.


Participating kickstART artists are:
Eva Pel, Kasboek collectief, Ollie Palmer, Jasper van Loenen and Yvon Ariese

Additionally, In4Art is currently involved in experimentation commissions for Priscila Fernandes, Rana Hamadeh and Sybren Renema. We are awaiting the results of their work. Come and visit the Salon to view if their experimentations already resulted in new works.