In4Art Salon VIII is a Homage to the Future.
It will show works from the Open Collection of 13 artists and will be held on Ocotober 6th and October 20th, 2019 in Rotterdam.

Do you want to attend? Please get in contact and we will send you the free invite with more information.

Announcement: Homage to the Future

Humans have become such a significant geophysical force on planet earth that we are directly responsible for reduced biodiversity; deforestation; and a warmer, wetter, windier climate. In other words, a complete restructuring of System Earth is going on around us.

Instead of focussing on the problems and amplifying the difficulties, we want to have a look at it from the bright side. There lies hope and positivity in the endeavours of a new breed of explorers. And we foresee great possibilities to rethink, reshape and redesign our current model of life on earth through innovation driven by art.

Therefore, Salon VIII will take you on a journey, travelling through time and space, discussing the notion of reality and our relationship to it. The artworks shown in this Salon are all made in the 21st century; in our current time. At the same time, the past is inevitable. The works take notion of our history; the (forgotten) stories and rituals, fading and decaying (material) states or even the notion of obsolete techniques. They are as seeds of possible futures and can be grown into new realities if nurtured.

We will be travelling forward by showing the discoveries and experiments. This catalogue will be your map to travel through time. We advise you to activate all your senses. Wonder with your eyes, start conversations, listen to the stories and unleash your imagination. Step in and let us guide your curiosity ….


Works will be shown from Isaac Monté, Priscila Fernandes, Roman Moriceau, Rana Hamadeh, Rafael Rozendaal, Sybren Renema, Anthony Cairns, Kasboek, Bastiaan de Nennie, Yvon Ariese and Jaakko Pallasvuo.


Download the In4Art Salon VIII catalogue here