KickstART is a concept where pitching meets auction. In4Art invited 8 artists to participate.
The kickstART turned out to be a huge success with even more works sold, then that were auctioned. How? The artists triggered the audience with their pitch to also look at other available work.


Why kickstART?

A startup uses a pitch at a launch event to reach its audience (clients, investors or partners). The same holds for artists. They too need to get launched to collectors, galleries and art institutions. For this purpose, we combine traditional elements from art (exhibition and auction) with elements from the startup incubation world (investor pitching, masterclasses and crowdfunding).
The kickstART is the closing day of the stARTup Exhibition. An exhibition usually opens with an invitation to a vernissage and then silently closes. With kickstART we make this a festive activity: a finissage.

We provided the artists  with masterclasses, a pitchworkshop and peer-to-peer sessions. The focus is on career advancement, presenting oneself and discussing how to stay relevant and true to one’s vision. This is made possible by the coaching and support of Frank Smallegange and Wolter Wefers Bettink, to whom we are very grateful.

The kickstART  was  under the supervision and guidance of auctioneer Jop Ubbens.
It was sponsored by Castello and the Mexican Embassy in the Netherlands.
And of course, it was enabled by the In4Art Patron and Angel members.

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