Fascinated by headlines like: “Van Gogh painting auctioned for $80million?”  Want to experience a thrilling auction? And interested to invest in the ‘Van Gogh’ of tomorrow? kickstART the career of a talented artist!

During the kickstART we present 8 talented artists, that will shine a light on their vision, future potential and have 2 works on auction. All have unique works for a reasonable price. Worth a try, isn’t it?
Furthermore, the stage setting, the ambiance and the network will ensure an afternoon you won’t forgot.
And lastly, all sales go directly to the artist, so you actively support their career.

The Launch

On October 1st, 8 artists headed towards In4Art to get their first masterclass day as part of the KickstART II program. In January 2018, on Sunday 14th, they will take the stage.

The coming months, they will receive individual coaching, group masterclasses and the possibility to exhibit and auction their work. All are selected carefully, because they fit with the incubation criteria. Some have already works in the In4Art Collection, with others we embark on a journey to get acquainted and inspired by one another.

The kickstART is a concept where pitching meets auction and translates insights from the business incubation and startup world towards artists career development.

Why kickstART?

A startup can make use of an accelerator program of incubator, to have an environment with coaching, network and peer-to-peer feedback. All geared towards enhancing success. The startup uses a pitch at a launch event to reach its audience (clients, investors or partners). The same holds for artists. They too need to get launched to collectors, galleries and art institutions. For this purpose, we combine traditional elements from art (exhibition and auction) with elements from the startup incubation world (investor pitching, masterclasses and crowdfunding).The focus of the masterclasses is on career advancement, presenting oneself and discussing how to stay relevant and true to one’s vision.

The kickstART exits of a exhibition with viewing days and a closing day, when all artists will pitch their vision and work. Afterwards, it will be auctioned under the supervision and guidance of auctioneer Jop Ubbens.

Presenting the 8 artists in kickstART II

Eirik Jahnsen (1985)

Eirik is a Norwegian multi-disciplinary artist focused on material research, experimenting with basic elements to examine nature’s transformative character. His work is  an outcome of a continuous process that deals with material transformations, light and movement. He acts as an alchemist in search of the right substance to make unexpected shapes, colours and forms. Pushing the possibilities of the material and our perception.

Ruben van de Ven (1989)

Ruben is a new media artist/ designer and programmer, challenging alleged objective practices. He is intrigued by the intersection of highly cognitive procedures and ambiguous experiences. Our more and more digitized society is his playground. In his work, he continuously researches the notion of emotion, while stretching and emphasizing the (im)possibilities of recognition software. Reflecting on present day circumstances and future scenarios.

Mikel Folgerts (1985)

Mikel is inspired by the minimal pleasures of daily life objects. He uses Instagram as his toolbox and the internet as canvas. The phone as an instant camera leading to possibilities for emerging image-making. It creates another frame experience which makes us navigate reality. Folgerts is pushing the app’s rolling grid into a physical territory with his minimal & abstract focus.

Joseph Huot (1992)

Joseph is a French painter and illustrator, with a characteristic style wrapped with warm colours. His work makes you ask: ‘What’s happening?’ Giving the viewer amplified possibilities to start a story. He wants to offer an alternative to the ‘bubble’ we live in, a reaction to solitude, emptiness and void. His work is the window between where we live and what we dream of.

Florentijn de Boer (1993)

Florentijn is fascinated by movement within the medium. Taking inspiration from the colours of Renaissance masters, she translates them into morphed elements resulting into a continuous dialogue. Her creation process reminds of biological division processes, making use of natural colour pigments. Frequently, she works on large, monumental dimension, creating the experience of stage setting. Enabling the viewer to wander and dazzle.

Nasbami (1991)

Nasbami is an illustration and graphic artist pushing the boundaries of the medium. He is intrigued by daily objects and appearances and how to the transfer them to a medium; switching between offline and online tools. Turning any material into a surface. Always analysing the essentials of the composition, while translating this to using symbols, typography and light.

Donald Schenkel (1991)
Donald creates subtle gradients with oil paints, seeking smoothness in colour that can lead the eye into the faraway. By applying layers of paint on differing surfaces like glass or canvas, he evokes a distinct sense of endless depth or translucent lightness. Handling colour transitions like an alchemist, Donald explores the many ways pigments interact and unearths formula for flows of colour in which the mind can wander.

Christian Thomsen (1993)

Christian is a Danish visual artist, working with painting, sculptures and sound. Sharp and blunt, serious and playful, genuine and dubious, tight and loose, drunk and sober. Thomsen’s study of Alchemy and magic lead to paintings about the opposites. One half cannot survive without the other. Exploring the interaction between the reflection and the reflected, the process of transformation and the act of refinement.

The Catalogue

The Coaches

Part of the kickstART is an intense program of coaching to support the artist in career development, presentation and entrepreneurial skills. To do so, we partner with various experts that provide masterclass, expert talks and coaching to the artists. for kickstART II the following coaching where involved:

kickstART II Ambassadors

Pitch/ Auction January 14th, 2018

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