Power Of New Discoveries (POND.):
Microbial Energy from Water

Acknowledgement of the climate problem and the Paris agreements from 2015 have increased the urge to develop alternatives that re evaluate our relationship with nature. This calls for a paradigm shift in our systems to keep supplying enough energy to meet demand while at the same time responsibly dealing with our planets natural resources. Next to that, the World Economic Forum predicts that the global demand for electricity between now and 2060 will double due to an increasing technology driven lifestyle by a growing global middle class.

The European Union is the largest importer of energy in the world. Together we import 53% of our energy needs costing over €400 billion annually. That is why the European Innovation Agenda has said it will be looking for advanced solutions for flexibility, smart networks and storage while increasing the share of sustainable sources of energy on the grid.

One of the sustainable bio technologies to enter the grid is the Microbial Fuel Cell. Developed within the lab, the developments have increased the past decade, making the time right to take the technology out of the lab and into our societies.

POND. is an art-driven innovation by award winning designer Ermi van Oers and In4Art to increase the impact of art in society and economy by creating space for experiments and prototype development based on the microbial fuel cell technology.

Ermi van Oers is a bio designer, specialized in the microbial fuel cell technology. Biodesign is a field where science, technology, nature and creativity are mixed to provide innovative solutions to bio driven problems such as the energy transition.

With POND. we collaborate to create space for new design experiments, artistically prototype the technology and translate the works to innovations with impact.

Contact Rodolfo Groenewoud – van Vliet to learn more about POND. or visit the website of Ermi van Oers where the project is futher explained: Microbial Light