20 works – 8 artists – 3 stories
Visiting artist : Faranu
This Salon was featured in the NRC article “Een kunstsalon anno 2017”

We live in a fast-changing society, but nonetheless, some things are universal and have eternity. In this Salon, we will guide you through three stories ….

  • A story on female beauty and the place of women in this globalized world.
  • A story on digitalization, the hunger for more and at the same time the need to stand still, freeze for a moment and reflect.
  • A story on the places where we live physically, in our dreams, or in the future.

Step in, enjoy and take a closer look!
This brochure gives you an overview of all the works and stories shown during the Salon.

Once upon a time

There was this girl turning into a woman. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Grown up and free to spread her wings in this connected, easy to travel world. A world in which universal languages exist; of music, of art and love. A world where the sky is the limit. A world in which she had to build her own home.

One day ….digitalization and internet where everywhere

Data is scattered around. Asking to be picked up and interpreted. Read me! Communicate with me! Put me into use! Digital tools evolve into a second skin. It enables creating without touching. But how to communicate if voids and errors occur? Beauty evokes from the unspoken, from the blush on a cone or the warmth of a heartbeat. Does internet have emotions? The state of the art is somewhere between surrealism and symbolic gestures. But now that artificial intelligence, computer science, is taking over, it is nice to beat the matrix by translating it back into unique paintings.

And they lived…

At a place where one can retreat. Always. A place where you travel without vehicles, without wasting time and without changing altitudes. Instant satisfaction. And all they need is a bird’s eye view. Open your eyes, take the time and get carried away by small details, figures and vibes.  Let your eyes search for contrasts and paradoxes. Does something go up or down? And what if you turn upside down? Will the same place stay alike?