20 works – 10 artists – 3 stories
Visiting artist : Joseph Huot

In this Salon we take you on a journey. We won’t travel with the speed of light, nor enter the digital galaxy, but we will stretch your view. In two rooms, works  make you travel mentally back and forth through time. Roman virtues result in future epics. Reality is being forced by human intervention. Three stories arise:

  • A story on illusion, where history impacts the future.
  • A story on looking ahead; influencing prophecy with the all witnessing eye.
  • A story on building tomorrow, on forthcoming constructional desires.

This brochure gives you an overview of all the works and stories shown during the Salon.
Below you can read the text. It refers to various works in the In4Art Open Collection.

On illussion and truth

At first you see an object, two figures or an animal. But it is not what it looks like. A watch should be ticking, showing time. This one is burned and will decay over time. What does it tell us on the value of time? Or the value of objects, knowing that it portrays the inner workings of an expensive clockwork?

We see an artwork and we don’t see an artwork. We know it was there, but it has been cut out. It reminds us about the Entartete Kunst from World War II, when certain art was banned, taken away. Which work was not allowed to see daylight? Inez de Brauw looks at our history to define our contemporary times. She recreates circumstances to imply that things might be different, to show other possibilities.

It makes you think about retro-futuristic archeology. Is it an illusion or is history repeating itself? It can be literal or mythological. Is the current hype of trolls, populists and a connected world leading to a new Trojan Horse? Interesting that Gustavo, born and raised in communist Cuba, now returns to these images, while living in Europe.

And when is the truth left behind? Is it when we design reality? According to Darren Harvey-Regan our society is built upon three classical pillars; physical (object), mental (philosophy) and beauty (feminism). He took these ancient symbols and brought them into the digital context with a photoshop gradient, transluding the boundaries between sculpture, painting and photography. What are you looking at?

Look ahead with your future eye

The reach and impact of social media is expanding. It influences opinions and it creates new powers. It became an influential force and that triggered artist Constant Dullaart to conduct experiments on our social validation system. He re-used 2.5 million simcards and started ‘liking’. Overnight an 5 instagram accounts received half a million followers each. Will they be preceived more popular, get access to other platforms and be considered knowledgeable? The social impact pushes to take a position. You might forget, undergo a transformation, or hide within the grid. But bits and bytes are scattered and make you wonder and question how this will impact your life: online, offline and somewhere in between.

Building tomorrow…on natural cornerstones

When building tomorrow, we foresee growth and new horizons. Horizons to explore, as an individual or as humanity. Horizons open new perspectives, that asks you to make a connection between your past and future. Walk through these landscapes, absorb the details and imagine where it might lead you…

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