For Salon V, Rotterdam based artist Annemarie Hooghuis made a couple of works that focus on the uprise of technology in today’s society. A new information age where machines are automating jobs more than ever. Not only are today’s machines able to do specialized tasks but they’re also better at it. In what way will this transform our lives?  Will it be an opportunity to evolve or a chance to an apocalyptic outcome?

The Salon is a concept of In4Art, where art and experimentation are shown. Central is creating a stimulating and friendly environment to discuss the works and philosophy presented. A mix of new works in the In4Art collection and works of a visiting artist, part of the incubation track, are displayed. The visiting artist gets the possibility to experiment and come up with a new body of work. In4Art members, artists, partners and interested stakeholders are invited to the Salon.

”Life finds a way” is the main theme in the work of Annemarie Hooghuis. Her paintings are often set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is gone and the only thing that’s left are the remnants of a consumption-based society. Usually, on one end everything is in decay or starting to decay and on the other end life is flourishing and nature is taking over.

Depicting a dialogue between these ”modern ruins” and their ”new environment”, I’d like to explore about the relationship and history between the two. Do the remnants uphold their function and meaning or do they merely emphasize our passing as a species and the sheer meaninglessness of it all?

The remnants often depict nostalgic icons of our modern day society, an ”old” trusted icon gives the viewer a familiar face and entry into this new dystopian world. Something to hold on to while exploring the scene.

Upon closer examination the nostalgic feeling becomes uneasy.

The icon no longer belongs but contradicts its original meaning and purpose. Even ridicules it. This is especially apparent when toys are being used as the lead character. Toys being, of course, a symbol of childhood and innocence. It’s a means of exploring and learning about the world, giving us an ability to understand it. But does this still uphold in a postapocalyptic world?

Next to the visiting artist, also works in the In4Art Collection from the following artists were shown: Harm van den Dorpel, Carl Alexander, Roman Moriceau, Robert Roest en Susi Mehl.

Themes during Salon V were:  #post-apocalyps, consumerism, transhumanism, immortalism, innovatism.

Herewith the brochure of Salon V with all the stories:

Our visiting artist Annemarie Hooghuis also made some nice time-lapse compositions on the works : “Deus ex Machina” and “Rise of the Automaton.”
The Salon was a stimulus for Annemarie to explore a new line in her work. This will become a series of posters. The first one was revealed during Salon V.
Furthermore, it helped her to refocus and reframe her work. this resulted in a new website.
In4Art added the “Level Painting Series” and “Deus ex Machina” to her collection.