Rana Hamadeh is an Rotterdam based artist, who has been working on a consistent international career for over a decade. In 2017, she won the Prix de Rome Visual Arts, the oldest and most generous award in the Netherlands for visual artists under the age of 40. Hamadeh received this award for a new act as part of her opera project The Ten Murders of Josephine, which was shown as an exhibition at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art from September until December 2017.

Early 2017, In4Art gave a commission to realize one of the works in the exhibition – the Organ Punch Card. We decided to commence a co-production period providing Rana Hamadeh and Witte de With with resources contributing to the realization of the exhibition The Ten Murders of Josephine whilst creating the space and taking her through a process of reflection and challenges to co-develop the context and possibilities of derivatives of this projet.

Our collaboration is in progress as Rana has been experimenting a lot to bring together the main qualities of her performative opera into a piece that can be collected and experienced at all times.

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Our vision on derivatives