What’s love got to do it?

It can take a lifetime to find the right work-life balance. That balance is continuously influenced by external stimuli, in either positive or negative ways. Priscila Fernandes’s quest shows our drive towards change. What if other values come to dominate our work ethos? What will be the next trend after industrialization, globalization, and digitalization? How will that reflect on our free time? Answering this will stimulate us to take steps towards a new economic era.

The group of paintings under the title What’s love got to do it  mark the end of the co-production journey artist Priscila Fernandes and In4Art undertook over the

Priscila Fernandes (2019) – What’s love got to do it, In4Art Collection

past year. In this period, she mastered and altered the encaustic technique and enriched her practice with a new body of work. In4Art provided financial support, but also had regular studio visits to think out loud with the artist, sharing references, materials and ideas and introducing her to new galleries and potential collectors.

What about the title? Priscila Fernandes likes to think that art can be made and received with love. And we believe the same. The group of paintings exist of 5 encaustic works, that can be placed in a beeswax frame. They are the derivatives of the solo exhibition Luisa’s Wedding and are now part of our Open Collection.

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