Better Factory

Better Factory revolves around 16 art-driven experiments in which manufacturing SME’s, artist and technology suppliers collaborate to develop new and personalized products, while reflecting and contributing to a more efficient, green and robotics/ software enabled manufacturing process.

The project is significant because it acknowledges artists as motors for industrial innovation. We want to make sure they were right.

Better Factory



Better Factory provides a methodology for manufacturing SMEs to collaborate with artists to develop new and personalized products. At the same time, it supplies technology for SMEs to become cyber-physical systems, transforming them into lean-agile production facilities capable of manufacturing new and personalised products along with existing ones in collaboration with technology suppliers.

Manufacturers can tap into disruptive product innovation that responds to new market demands while keeping production resources optimal. Better Factory helps manufacturers to enter new markets with customizable, personalized product or service portfolio. Together with Business and Arts Mentors, artists and technology partners, manufacturers can discover new business models and digitalise their factories to match the production of new or personalized products.

Better Factory - EU-wide experiments from 12 countries

Our Role

In4Art is involved in this project as partner and steward of the art-driven experimentation and innovation process, supporting the APPS developers to achieve impact in the SMEs and supporting the artists from the earliest stages of matchmaking to the final outcomes and next steps.

Read the article on our role in the project.

Better Factory - In4Art´s role




October 2020 – September 2024


€ 8.576.164


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 951813.

S+T+ARTS / Funded by the European Union

S+T+ARTS is about thinking out of the box and building bridges between Science, Technology and Arts.

STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of science, technology, and the arts, that effectively implement a European approach to technological innovation centered on human needs and values.

Science, Technology and Arts form a nexus with an extraordinarily high potential for creative and reflective innovation.And such innovation is considered to be precisely what is called for to master the social, ecological and economic challenges that Europe is facing.

With disruptive methods of exploration and an accurate critical eye on the use of technology, artists decisively raise awareness of the societal challenges and global concerns we are tackling. The artistic practices are seen as innovative processes and have a wide-reaching potential to contribute to the development of new economic, social and business models.

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