Hungry EcoCities

Hungry EcoCities aims at exploring one of the most pressing challenges of our times: the need for a more healthy, sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system for all.

Hungry EcoCities puts forward a high-level alliance between science, technology, and the arts, to effectively explore how digital technologies & applications can lead in turn to reduced food waste, more sustainable value chains, eco-friendly attitudes, and more ethical food consumption. How can we develop ways of creating a more healthy, sustainable, and affordable agri-food system for all?

Hungry EcoCities



The project revolves around the igniting question:

“How can increased awareness and technological tools impact a future where we use resources responsibly to produce and consume food?”

Building a better future for our food systems requires a combination of cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to ethics and sustainability. By harnessing the power of collaboration for responsible and sustainable food systems, we have the opportunity to build a future that is not only environmentally regenerative, but also equitable and ethical in its approach to our planet’s resources and energy. Based on three vision from our studio partners and through art-driven experiments leading the way, supported by a technology toolbox and enabled by AI, this project will create futures for food systems that are responsible, regenerative, and nourishing for all.

Our role

In4Art is the technical coordinator and art-driven innovation expert in this project. We have been involved in the proposal stage and invited the partners to collaborate with us. Our ambition in this project is to guide the experiments towards responsible innovative outcomes and artistic outcomes. The experiments in HEC will give us future opportunities, which we will analyse through our spill over PESETABS impact analysis.

Project documents


3 Directions booklet


S+T+ARTS Hungry EcoCities: the Humanizing Technology Experiments winners


The Hungry Ecocities Consortium is led by Brno University of Technology (CZ) and In4Art (NL) and counts on the participation of: KU Leuven (BE) / Carlo Ratti Associati (IT) / Studio Other Spaces (GE) / Mendel University (CZ) / Eatthis (NL) / FundingBox (PL).


Sept. 2022 – Feb. 2026




The Hungry EcoCities project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101069990. It is part of the S+T+ARTS programme.

S+T+ARTS / Funded by the European Union

S+T+ARTS is about thinking out of the box and building bridges between Science, Technology and Arts.

STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of science, technology, and the arts, that effectively implement a European approach to technological innovation centered on human needs and values.

Science, Technology and Arts form a nexus with an extraordinarily high potential for creative and reflective innovation.And such innovation is considered to be precisely what is called for to master the social, ecological and economic challenges that Europe is facing.

With disruptive methods of exploration and an accurate critical eye on the use of technology, artists decisively raise awareness of the societal challenges and global concerns we are tackling. The artistic practices are seen as innovative processes and have a wide-reaching potential to contribute to the development of new economic, social and business models.

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