Inspirational Quotes

In this section we gather inspirational quotes we come across that inspire us or make us think. Most of them are used during an In4Art Features and they support our Art-Driven Innovation approach:

  • “Eén discipline heeft wel de mogelijkheid, al is het maar heel intuitief, een stukje toekomst te pakken te krijgen…en dat is gewoon de kunst.” Thomas Rau in Tegenlicht 2015
  • “Novel technologies start out as art forms….materials will become the new software. Buildings will grow like trees and self-repair like bones. ” Neri Oxam
  • “[Jheronimus] Bosch is een groot pleidooi voor het koesteren van je eigen fanatasie en idealen, voor de kracht om je eigen koers te varen – en zo’n pleidooi is, juist in een wereld waarin de hel steeds vaker gewoon op tv is te zien, heel actueel.” Hans den Hartog Jager in de NRC. Bewijs dat kunst altijd zal blijven en de relevantie van Bosch 500 jaar na dato.
  • “Machines zijn de enige dingen waarin een soort progressie zit. De rest van de wereld, het klimaat, de voedingstoffen, kennen die vooruitgang niet.”  Raymond Barion in Metropolis M 1-2016.
  • “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas
  • ” A work of art only starts to live fully when it can be inserted into a larger narrative.” Mieke Mels in Holy Molecule – Honoré d’O
  • “Art is nothing but the expression of our dream; the more we surrender to it the closer we get to the inner truth of things, our dream-life, the true life that scorns questions and does not see them.” Franz Marc
  • “Revolutions happen in science, business, technology and in politics, but artists are the ones that take these revolutions and make them into life. Museums and cultural institutions are the true R&D of society.” Paola Antonelli – director R&D MOMA
  • “Without a cultural and artistic environment humans do not become human. Cultural evolution happens (…)through gradual change and improvements. A purposeful search for improvements for that matter requires imagination, being aware of one’s own routine and the will to change it. … Humans are the only species that could not continue to exist without culture…A cultural upgrade involved the development of meaning-generating domains such as religion, science and art….The ability to share ideas requires a language that can also articulate imaginary concepts…Hard to imagine a world without images…Bear witness to the creative mind of these [artistic] humans.” Marc de Bie in Holy Molecule – Honoré d’O
  • “Art is the sensuous manifestation of the idea” George W.F. Hegel, Aesthetics. Lectures on Fine Arts.
  • “Art is beautiful when displayed in a museum, but can add so much depth to one’s life when enjoyed at home.” Yusaku Maezawa
  • “We leven in een aandachtsoorlog, iedereen is constant afgeleid, ons doel is om mensen even stil te laten staan, hun blik te vangen en te richten op ideeën die de moeite waard zijn.” Chris Anderson in Volkskrant, 14 mei 2016
  • “Artists working on the intersection of art, science and technology are the avant gardists of our time and they are the future of the art world” Arthur. I. Miller