In4Art Exhibition

The Making of EUNOIA

– an In4Art stARTup Exhibition featuring the first solo of Iwan Smit / EUNOIA-

Solo-shows are valued high, because it shows that an artist is able to create a body of work around a certain concept. Having the solo is an achievement of success. An overview of hard work of the past period, giving an outlook on potential growth and development in the future. Most of all, it is a platform to get recognized for their artistic skills.

As part of the incubation track, In4Art offers artists the possibility to have a stARTup Exhibition.
The Dutch artist Iwan Smit approached In4Art with the question to get the possibility for a first solo show. Upfront, he participated in the In4Art kickstART. Why with In4Art and not with a gallery? Because In4Art invests in the development and empowers the artist to experiment. Next to that, the artist is stimulated to act as an entrepreneur: identifying the public and make works in different ranges, reaching out to collectors and selling directly. In4Art is not involved in the sale. Along the process, the artist is coached to achieve pre-set goals.  It is a chance and a learning experience. Furthermore, it provides a clear goal to work towards to and a possibility to work on the artistic vision. What are the elements you want to be known for?

Below an overview of the learnings from the show EUNOIA. If you want to read more on the show, visit the EUNOIA page.



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