Incubation Track

In4Art has an incubation track in which we unite the four pillars of In4Art: investment, incubation, innovation and inspiration. These activities are made possible through the support of our patron and angel members.

Artist Career Development

In4Art invests in artists through acquisition, commission and occasionally by investing in a project budget to realize a new body of works. Furthermore, we provide masterclasses and develop tools to support the career development. Examples are our kickstART accelerator program, smARTdates networking event and Career Development Canvas  workshop tool.

Individual Coaching

We have frequent contact with the artists in the collection to get updates, but also to provide coaching on career development and next steps. Yearly we schedule a goal talk, to see how our platform can support the next step. When opportune, we offer them business development guidance or team up to create artistic prototypes.

Access to network, new collectors and buyers

Visibility is important. Therefore, we organize various activities to promote the artist and bring them in contact with our network.


We research and write articles on our observations of artists  career development and dynamics in the art sector. We draw parallels with other industries and translate best practices.

Works of artists participating in the Incubation track are included in the In4Art Open Collection. Our selection criteria are based on the following model:

We actively scout for artists. If artists think they fit our selection criteria, they can send us their motivation and portfolio. We solemnly work with artists that are Europe based, conduct thorough research reflected in artistic experiments/ art works and fit within our collection philosophy:

    • Pushing the limits of the possible (new concepts)
    • Material research (stretching the edges of a medium and experiment with materials)
    • Renewed Relevance (reflecting on the impact of fast changing technology and next generation internet)