stARTup philosphy

As applies to any driver for innovation, a fierce commitment to research and vision is needed. As In4Art we believe that artists have the capacity to bring the unexpected, the mind-boggling, new and fresh concepts. In their practice they fuse technology with art.

Art is a way to enable innovation.

In4Art sees parallels in the growth cycles, adaptation curves and strategies between artists and startups. It is a long and bumpy road, with a deep valley of death, before one is established and respected. Startups can turn to an incubator, In4Art offers artists an incubation opportunity to show their abilities during the stARTup Exhibition.

The stARTup Exhibition is a launch and introduction show.


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The artist selected for a stARTup Exhibition takes at least six months to prepare. The artist is ready to get launched and shows a series of new work, based on innovative concepts, material research or challenges of the 21st century.

In4Art offers the artist a commission for reflection and experimentation, to buy materials and to make work for the exhibition. Together we create the supporting texts to tell the story and create a unique experience. In return, some of the pieces will go into the In4Art Open Collection. The other works can directly be sold through the artist. In4Art takes no commision on sale.


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Artists can get a residency in combination with an exhibition or spotlight. The artist lives and works in this venue. This gives the artist the opportunity to install the show, be present to explain the works and be flexible to act upon unexpected encounters. The ideal opportunity to deepen relationships with Dutch public, art professionals, research museums and get new inspiration.

During the residency the artists are constantly seeking for new input, opportunities and networks to strengthen the artistic career. The residency gives the artist time and space to develop the artistic practice. In4Art facilitates this by organizing special meetings and events to accelerate the career and establish relationships with galleries, curators, other artists and new markets.


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KickstART is a concept where pitching meets auction. In4Art invites several artists to participate in the program. We provide them with coaching, masterclasses and peer-to-peer sessions. These focus is on career advancement, presenting oneself and discussing how to stay relevant and true to one’s vision.

A startup uses a pitch at a launch event to reach its audience (clients, investors or partners). The same holds for artists. They too need to get launched to collectors, galleries and art institutions. For this purpose, we combine traditional elements from art (exhibition and auction) with elements from the startup incubation world (investor pitching, masterclasses and crowdfunding).

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In4Art is building a relevant 21st century art collection incubating tomorrow’s leading artists and art collectors. The stARTup Exhibition is part of the Artist Incubation Track.