The Importance of Derivatives

If you visit an art exhibition or a museum, you often encounter room-filling installations, impressive performances, or large paintings and sculptures. Although important for an artist’s CV, such works don’t necessarily pay the bills. Due to the nature of such large-scale works – the chosen media, inherent instability, or sheer size – they are hard to sell. For that reason, In4Art challenges the artists we work with in project and co-productions to rethink their practice and create more commercially viable derivatives from their experiments.

Experimenting with Derivatives

Derivatives are works that are based on an artist’s existing practice, but which are collectable and accessible to a new range of collectors. These may take the form of a ‘multiples box’ series, a special edition, or a translation of a previous work to a different scale. These derivatives entail the philosophy of the artists’ work, while affording new opportunities to artists and buyers alike. Derivatives are both a diversification of an artist’s portfolio and an enrichment of their distribution channel.

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