Startup methodology applied to artist career development

KickstART is a concept developed by In4Art, which is mimicked from the startup world. Artists are offered a 3-months program with various masterclasses and moments to present. The focus is on career advancement, presenting oneself and discussing how to stay relevant and true to one’s vision.

From October 1st, 2017 – January 14, 2018 the second edition took place: kickstART II. Once again, 8 artists were selected and asked to push their own limits. Part of being an artist is to search for the boundaries of what is possible, and, sometimes push it to create new boundaries. It is this believe, that is a cornerstone in the In4Art philosophy and why we invest in and support these artists. They are a vital engine to our society and business processes and, therefore, their story should be told. It is a mean to inspire and show the relevance for innovation and societal change.

The final day of the kickstART is the Pitch Auction event. You can compare it to an investor’s pitch, only the investors in the audience, are selected patrons and collectors, who directly have to act upon the object in their interest. Hence, it is an exclusive environment, which at the same time offers a safe experimentation ground for the artist. It is in their benefit to practice, learn, fail fast and forward. And due to the hands-on experience of the past months, professional guidance and masterclasses from experts in the field, the artists are empowered. They were granted access to a toolbox with skills to capitalize on.

Of course, the setting and stage should be right as well. It is an experience to be present at kickstART and be able to acquire one of the 16 works. This combination makes it a success. During the second edition in total more than € 13.000 was raised. This is a huge amount for young artists. Next to the 16 auction works, 7 other works have been sold, 5 which were also shown in the same venue and two that still have to be produced. These are so-called commissions. Because of their vision, passion and story, the audience wants to embark on the artists journey and support the artist. This means, that 82% from the exhibited works in the In4Art Project Space found a buyer. A result many galleries dream of achieving. For us, it proves the necessity of giving attention, guidance and creating a safe zone for experimentation, so that artists can progress in their career development and take their next step.

To get an impression, browse through the image gallery of kickstART II:

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Interested in which artists participated in kickstART II. Read all about the launch.

KickstART III will be fall/ winter 2018 related to several research themes. Artists will be able to apply with an experimentation plan.




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