1101, 2024

S+T+ARTS AIR ● Open call winners

January 11, 2024|

Ten outstanding projects have been selected for the S+T+ARTS AIR first Open Call, and they'll focus on one of these two directions: Resilient interspecies urban ecosystems and Human AI ecosystems.

711, 2023

Reveal inner beauty on the outside of your body

November 7, 2023|

In4Art´s guest essay for the STT 99 Publication: Exploration of the Future of the Body, reflecting on body enhancement, aging and particular identity based on our research within Prosthetic X.

1209, 2023

3 upcoming talks on art, science and responsible innovations

September 12, 2023|

During September and October, you may find us participating on ○ Beyond the Canvas ○ Wonder: Better Factory Unleashed: Art as a catalyst for innovation in industry 4.0 ○ For the minor Artful Business Creation.

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