As an outcome of the research and projects In4Art conducted the last years, we released a whitepaper, where we share our learnings and insights on Art-Driven Innovation. Innovation can be better when insights from art are used.

In the whitepaper, we describe how we define innovation, and better innovation, namely, new products and services that contribute to a more responsible, distributive society while contributing to the sustainable development goals. We explain the methodology according to below framework.

AD-framework by In4Art

For this, we developed an innovation goals framework to translate the insights from art (experiments) and to set an objective in which one can innovate more responsibly. We identified 8 drivers for societal and economic value to apply the goal(s).

Furthermore, we describe the different types of insights one can achieve and how these insights can be linked to technological innovation drivers. We have identified 45 of the 100 breakthrough technology fields as defined by the European Commission in which a valuable insights from art can be derived.

Based on above inputs, we translate the artwork into a report that facilitates art-driven ideas for responsible Innovation.

Art-Driven Innovation is work in progress. We are continuously experimenting with it and implement it in our own way of working. We are releasing the whitepaper as a discussion document and hope that it can be of benefit to others as well. For the latest information, see