Did we launch our newest Art-Driven Innovation startup called B-hind!?

On a Friday night, more then 100 people gathered in front of the V2_ windows on the Eendrachtstraat in Rotterdam. Through the vitrine, one could see the presentation booth of B-hind and Dani Ploeger gave a one of a kind performance.

“B‒hind offers a unique Internet of Things (IoT) solution to fully integrate your sphincter muscle in everyday living. The revolutionary anal electrode-powered interface system replaces conventional hand and voice-based device interaction and enables advanced digital control rooted in the interiors of your body. Celebrating the abject and the grotesque, ‍B‒hind facilitates simple, plug-and-play access to a holistic body experience in the age of networked society.”

With this, a next step is taken in the collaboration between Dani Ploeger, V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media and In4Art – where we focused on re-enacting the inspiring and valuable archive of V2_ by bringing a work to the present day context. Artist Dani Ploeger received the commission for his proposal of Appendix Machina, a re-enactment of the work by Stelarc. It resulted in a performance and ‘start-up’ launch – B-Hind; intimate innovation.

Régine Debatty wrote the quote and an accompanying article on the launch:  ‘B-hind. Celebrating the internet of anal things‘. Read the full article on We Make Money Not Art.

Vice dedicated an article to the project, read  ‘This Man Is Controlling a Robot With His Butthole‘.

For more pictures of the launch event in Rotterdam, see the V2_ Archive.

Photo by Fenna de Jong / V2