Being an artist and an entrepreneur at the same time can be challenging, that is why we support artists in developing their professional career

Over the years, we developed different formats to stimulate the career development of artists:

  • smARTdates –  a one-day event bringing together talented artists and offering them the opportunity to meet 1o+ curators, museum directors and major collectors during one-on-one speeddate sessions.
    Edition I & II & III were in collaboration with and took place at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
  • FutureProof?! – an in-depth event that focusses on the career development and specifically on vision, ambition and networking based on a round table format to deepdive into the topics.
  • Show me the Money – a masterclass focused at how an artist can finance its practice and create a sustainable mix of various revenue streams on the short and longer term.
    We developed a special tool to prepare a subsidy proposal and check whether your project/ proposal fits with the requirements and expectations from the fund (Checklist Subsidies Kansrijkheid)(Dutch only).
  • Career Development – masterclasses on career development and networking, based a.o. on the House of Professional Growth and the Building Blocks of Career Development.
  • Supporting artists through (pre)acquiring or co-producing new artworks, that become part of the In4Art collection.

We regularly give guest lectures for art academies, universities, centers for arts and culture, or museums on art-driven innovation in practice and our experience in entrepreneurship, business development, financing, and networking.