Digital Etiquette from E-missions

What is (almost) never on the sustainability bucket list of measures is lowering the environmental impact of digital behaviour. Until now. With the Digital Etiquette tool developed as part of the E-missions project, any organisation, team, or group of collaborators is able to discuss, define and deploy a code of conduct to greenify the digital workstyle of your organisation, contributing to the sustainability strategy by making it actionable.

Digital etiquette should be the electronic standard of conduct. It is often also referred to as Netiquette and usually deals with a set of online behavioural rules users of digital devices should adhere to, very much like social etiquettes in daily life. E-missions proposes an addition to the set of Digital Etiquette rules in the form of etiquettes from the perspective of sustainability.

With the Digital Etiquette tool from E-missions professional digital lifestyles can be measured and strategies for sustainability measures and mitigation can be developed. The focus is on 4 themes: cloud storage, e-mail, social media and video conferencing. Each theme has a number of concrete actions to make the ambitions smart. This way, it can become a part of sustainability reporting and could be used to empower the employees to have a more sustainable digital footprint. And what is left, could be compensated for with a yearly ‘Tree-park’ policy, through e.g. TreesforAll

The tool is open and free to use for anyone.