Exhibition: Prosthetic X (Nov 26th – Dec 1st 2021)

Prosthetic X started in 2019 as a research project around the question: ‘How might we increase health and beauty on the outside of our bodies’. After 2 years of research and experimentation, it will be presented as a speculative installation on Nov 26th 2021, opening the dialogue about e-health and data privacy through the exploration of the human-machine interaction by means of an Artificial Data Organ.

It consists of 9 prosthetics and 1 exo-organ that respond and adapt in real time to our inner health, external condition and social interactions. It created a new wave of intuitive feedback mechanism, that would be could be adopted by the wearable and e-health sector. Through the continuation project of VYX this is investigated. Additionally, it resulted in a Data Donor Register to raise awareness on the value of personal data.



FROM_ November 26th TO_ December 15th [due to corona measures – open in the weekend; other days upon request]AT_ The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag

Installation with 10 interactive objects, a film and a data donor register.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the complete artificial data organ for themselves in an exhibition context. The immersive setting will take you into a speculative future where Prosthetic X is a wearable device that responds in real time to the wearer’s health measurements by breathing, moving or changing color. It shows will the near future possibilities that we have to interact with technology on our bodies and what implications that has on our data usage.


More about the project development, can be read in these news articles.