Together with Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and supported by Stichting Stokroos, we organize an in-depth event as part of the supporting program for the Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs. The focus is vision and ambition.

We don’t have certainty about the future, but we can imagine it. And not only imagine, we can create a vision and create a plan on how to get there. You might refer to it as career planning, or setting (artistic) goals. Taking the time to articulate a vision, empowers you to direct and organize career-building efforts. It helps to notice opportunities and establish favourable relationships.

Therefore, we organize an afternoon event called FutureProof?! To give insight and tools to reflect on an artist’s position. Where to do you want to develop? Why do you want to be there in 5 years? How do you achieve that? What network do you need and how do you actually do that, networking?

The afternoon starts with presentations from two former VKBK prijs winners: Floris Kaayk (2014) and Femmy Otten (2013). They share their vision and ambition. After hearing their vision and ambition, we will look back at what happened in the past 10 years to get there. This is being moderated by art critic and journalist Sacha Bronwasser.

The second part of the afternoon exists of 3 rounds where you will start conversations and receive practical tips to formulate your vision, to define a network strategy or gain insight on how to deal with the media.  The setting of roundtables gives the possibility to hear and share experience in careers. An afternoon to listen, ask questions and get yourself started.


Are you an artist and interested? Sign up for FutrureProof?!
When: Friday afternoon, May 17th at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam