In4Art Trees for all

Following the Rotterdam expression ‘geen woorden maar daden’ (no words but deeds) we decided to calculate the total amount of CO2 we emitted in 2022 as a result of our business activities and compensate for it in full. Our total emissions for 2022 equal 3.6 tons of CO2, consisting of 2.6 tons through our physical movements (travelling by plane and car) and 1 ton because of our digital activities (mailing, sharing, storing, calling, and surfing).

The impact of our physical movements follows the calculators of Milieu Centraal. The impact of our digital activities was calculated through our self-developed e-missions digital etiquette calculator, which allows anyone to get insight into their digital CO2 footprint and find lots of no-brainers to bring your impact down.

        Work on your companies Digital Etiquete at Digital Etiquette | E-Missions

For 2023, we aim to bring our emissions down by travelling more by train and less by car or plane and by further smartening the way we deal with digital tools.

The trees will be planted in the Netherlands to restore forest biodiversity and in Borneo to restore the habitat for the orang-utan by Trees for All.