Prosthetic X

This project in the NWO KIC ‘Lifestyle and Living Environment‘ aims for structural improvements in the equality of opportunity to live in good health. Lifestyle diseases have a major impact on citizens, whereby differences in health correlate to their socioeconomic status. To achieve permanent lifestyle changes, this project will include personal factors, but also factors like housing, living and social environment. Together with researchers, artists and industry, citizens from four field labs in the north of the Netherlands will realise healthy living as a service. The smart technology and data science used to monitor health and living environment will support the citizens, coach them in improving their lifestyle and motivate them to maintain this over a prolonged period of time. Citizens will be made aware of the significance of the technology and data in monitoring their health so that they can make their own choices.

UMCG, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, RUG, Hanze hogeschool Groningen, UTwente, Roessingh Research & Development, TU/e, TUDelft, deMaar, Evidencio, In4Art, KAW architecten, Life2Ledger, St. Vrienden van Diavantis, Van Wijnen Groningen, VitaalNed, HANNN, Groninger Dorpen, IBM Nederland, Sardes, Akkedeer, BuildinG, Chrono@work, Menzis, TZA, Ultraware, Mattch

Projectleader is Prof Claudine Lamoth of UMCG. In4Art will bring in Prosthetic X and VYX as case and research studies for intuitive feedback and social, pro-active preventive health interventions .