In4Art’s co-founder appointed as academic lecturer Responsible Innovation

In order to strengthen the connection between art and innovation, further research is needed.  In4Art co-founder Lija Groenewoud – van Vliet is appointed as academic lecturer for the course Responsible Innovation at the Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University. Furthermore, she will guide thesis students in their exploration and reflection on responsible innovation as of fall of 2018.

What is Responsible Innovation Management?

Innovation management is turning ideas for new products or services to commercial success. This transformation process is typically multi-disciplinary in nature, which means that in practice people from different backgrounds and with various specializations work together.

The innovation process combines creativity and arts, marketing and technology, psychology and organizational design, law in relation to patents and to government regulation, and many more fields of expertise. All these different perspectives must be used to select the few good ideas out of hundreds of ideas and to turn those good ideas into successful, yet responsible, applications.

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