Open Micro-Factory: Experience how we can sustainably close plastic chains (Sat. Feb 12th : 11-15hr)

During the Week of the Circulair Economie in the Netherlands, OurkilO will open the Micro-Factory on the Benthuizerstraat 68B from 11 – 15hr on Sat. Feb.12th and welcome all interested to learn and hear more on how we work and what we do.

We invite all to come by and experience the future of printing. Wander around Our open micro-factory as part of the circular economy in the city.

In the OurkilO micro-factory you will become acquainted with our vision of closing the plastic chain and you will see in practice how we bring local crafts back to the city.

The founders, Bastiaan de Nennie and entrepreneur Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, will give you a guided tour and tell you about the different types of (bio) plastics, because at OurkilO we work with so-called ‘monostreams’. There is not 1 type of plastic. Each type of plastic has its own recipe from waste to high design table, flower box or trash can.

If something breaks, don’t worry, because the value is in the material: as long as the kilo remains in the system, it is Our kilO and we can continue to shape it into any desired functional design objects.  A visual feast of options.

Come and visit us.