Ourkilo results

The past year, we have been experimenting a lot. Now it’s time to share our learnings and insights.
We can share them through the following elements:

A) A DOCUMENTARY, in which the 3 founders of OurkilO, share their experience in plastic PET recycling and take the viewer along the various processing- and production techniques. They talk about their goal to use high-quality materials for as long as possible and the importance of focusing on mono-streams in the (industrial) chains. It is about the role of plastic in the economy of today and tomorrow, the role of local production chains, and about the role of digital manufacturing.

B) A CATALOGUE with the library overview of the objects made at OurkilO. Each object is accompanied by insights on the printing time in our factory and the type of plastic we realised it with PET and/or PLA). The files can be downloaded here.

C) 5 REPORTS on creating filaments from recycled plastics. In each of these reports, we explain the whole process and give insights into the experiments and settings we eventually used to create filament. We did pilots with 5 different streams:

  1. PLA
  2. Industrial PET Waste
  3. Blow molded PET – Household waste
  4. Vacuum formed PET – Household waste
  5. PET360 – Festival waste