Winner of P>ACT Challenge: innovative solutions for a circular plastic industry

P>ACT Challenge

OurkilO is selected as one of the winners in the P>ACT Challenge 2021 of the Province of Zuid Holland. We received an investment of 50k to pilot our project ‘Hernieuwbare Kweekbakjes’ (renewable breeding trays) with Koppert Cress.

Koppert Cress

OurkilO convinced the jury with a circular solution to enhance the value of the plastic growing trays used in the production of Koppert Cress. The horticultural sector currently mainly uses breeding trays made of fossil plastics. In collaboration with Koppert Cress, OurKilO is starting a pilot in which the current trays will be recycled and polylactic acid (PLA) culture trays are tested. Using our micro-factory technique, the used, rejected (PLA) cultivation trays can be recycled into functional objects for the same company.

From PACT to ACT

In the spring of 2021, the province of South Holland organized the P>Act Challenge for the second time. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, techies, researchers and other smart minds were challenged to come up with a proposal to reduce the use of fossil plastics. This year’s prize money was awarded in the category ‘Innovative solutions for a circular plastic industry’.

Deputy Meindert Stolk:

“We want to be fully circular in South Holland by 2050. The approach to plastic is an important theme in this regard. Now it often disappears into the environment and it does not break down. Initiatives by innovative entrepreneurs in the field of the circular use of plastic are therefore urgently needed. And we like to give that an impulse.”

OurkilO is grateful for this opportunity and will show the results of the pilot in May 2022.