The last months, In4Art and Phygital Studio teamed up as OurkilO and participated in the DigiCirc* accelerator program on circular cities. On September 8th, 2021 we were awarded with an 100k investment to realise our plans and ambitions.

What began as an artistic exploration late 2019 with Bastiaan de Nennie, where we explored at V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media the boundaries of (im)materials and started to think about Reboot & Reuse, led to an Art-Driven Innovation trajectory to answer how we might change the form and function of a material in infinite loops. And now, after months of coaching in the DigiVirc program, we made it and are ready to have the first In4Art spin-off. OurkilO is ready to become its own start-up. The OurkilO team will focus the next months on realizing two pilots, building the supporting digital platform and setting up the micro-factory in Rotterdam.

Why: we need to reinvent the system to diminish the CO2 footprint, bring back authenticity & craftsmanship to materials and be ahead of the foreseen next plastic waste flood

How: by creating a closed loop, rebooting products locally and giving material agency.

What: OurkilO offers a new wave of industrial eco-friendly manufacturing innovation enabled by a digital platform and a sustainable business model – where material is seen as the key asset. OurkilO is a hardware – software solution with its own designed micro-factory, where we transform plant-based plastics streams into high designed, eco-friendly furniture.

No more need to throw things away. Let’s close material loops – one kilo at a time.

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This Project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation action programme, via an Open Call for Circular Cities issued and executed under project DigiCirc (grant agreement No 873468)”.