In4Art’s founders have been interviewed by Jonathan Hankins, Foreign Scientific Correspondent of the Bassetti Foundation, on why In4Art links art and responsible innovation and how we do this through Art-Driven Innovation.

It is an interesting first familiarisation with The Bassetti Foundation, that is a respectable, influencing institute enabling responsible innovation. Fomr their website:

The foundation’s aim is to promote responsibility in innovation within both the national and international setting, helping institutional, private and associational actors to orient their aims and goals, in considering them a factor of interest for the entire society; both in the techno-scientific field and regarding governance models.

“The topic of art and its relation to technological development is not new,[…] but the focus on how artistic involvement can influence trajectory, and move towards responsibility is
new and exciting.”

Jonathan Hankins

Hankins referred to the work of In4Art as a very thought-provoking project an in the interview, they talk about the coming to existence of In4Art, how the idea of Art-Driven Innovation was developed and what underpins it, referring to the aims of innovation, questioning its position within the EU ecosystem. It talks about what drives innovators and how creativity and art can be (is) influential. Of course, it positions the narrative within the scope of responsible innovation and how the method of Art-Driven Innovation is publicly shared through its own web interface.

Read the interview, watch it or listen to the podcast.

Art in Responsible Innovation – interview with In4Art from Fondazione Giannino Bassetti on Vimeo.